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    "Save hundreds of $ on Your Pet Care Needs!"
    One Membership Covers ALL pets in your family.
    Look at all you receive for $36 per year
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    EmailaVet.com service
    Your questions answered by a licensed Veterinarian, up to 3 times a year. Videos and photos accepted.
    Similar services cost a minimum of $16 each use.
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  • Pet Benefits
    Wholesale Buyers Club
    On-Line Pet products Store for members only.
    Wholesale Buyers Club Info

    This benefit MORE than pays for membership!
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  • Pet Benefits
    "Buyers Club Products"
    25% average savings on thousands of pet products.
    No Usage Limits!

What is PetBenefits.com?

    "The only comprehensive pet care association in the USA"
  • Started by health care and insurance professionals.
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