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Pet benefits

As the only voluntary benefits provider specializing in both pet insurance and pet insurance alternatives, Pet Benefit Solutions leads the pack through unrivaled choice, innovative plans, and exceptional customer care.

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The advantage of choice

From comprehensive pet health insurance to everyday savings, we offer multiple plan options to help employees care for every member of their pet family.

Pet plans beyond comparison

We pull out all the stops to deliver next-level pet benefits your employees simply won’t find anywhere else.


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Pet-loving support team

We’ll be here when your team needs us most, from helping an employee understand their new policy, to being that sympathetic voice when they’re dealing with their best friend’s sensitive health issue.

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Total Pet Plan -
Family Unlimited

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Thank you Total Pet!

I have multiple pets and just assumed the normal pet was covered. Such as dogs,  cats you know household pets. I was so excited when I found out that horses are covered too!! As most horse owners know the cost of veterinary care for these guys can get costly!! It’s such a relief having this type of security. My horse is my best friend and now I know he’s protected and it helps alleviate the high cost to keep my partner in crime as healthy as I can! You can even get discounts on some of the typical products you use to help insure your equine friends stay healthy! I just absolutely love this and I’m so thankful Johnny can have the total pet to help add that level of security all pet owners need!! Thank you so much Total pet!!! 


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Total Pet Plan -
Single Pet

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Peace of mind

I recently had an incident in which my dog’s collar was destroyed. It had his pet tag and other important information attached to it. I was able to retrieve his Air Tag, but the pet tag was damaged. I reached out to Pet Tag to inquire about a replacement and they were more than willing to replace my tag for FREE. I wasn’t aware it had a warranty and they will replace it at no additional cost. I was relieved and Total Pet Plan gave me peace of mind that I will never have to go without the security of Pet Tag.

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Total Pet Plan -
Single Pet

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Tragedy prevented

Rushing out the house for work and to take the kids to school, we must have not shut our door all the way. Later that day I received a call from PetAssure that Dior was found. Me never knowing he was ever lost or how that could be, my heart dropped. I have a dog tag on him along with PetAssure tag. The tag I purchased was hard to read my number on it and Dior's rescue had trouble contacting me. If it was not for PetAssure's dog tag I would have never knew any of this tragedy occurred.

Pet plans for the
voluntary benefits space

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Pre-built on your ben admin platform

We offer a turnkey solution with over a dozen HRIS & ben admin platforms or a simple build out on your existing platform, ensuring that adding our plans in your current offerings is quick and seamless.

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Dedicated account manager

Our experienced team provides a personalized, hands-on level of support, guiding you through every step of implementation and launch. Plus, ongoing dedication to successful enrollment results year after year!

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Self-service admin portal

Your team will have access to a personalized administrator portal to manage enrollments, generate reports, view and pay invoices, and so much more.

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Employee satisfaction

Happy, fulfilled employees make for a happy and productive workplace. As pet plan experts, we know what employees really want. Our easy-to-use plans offer all the features pet parents value most.

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Leading the pack in employee satisfaction

We offer the simplest, highest value pet benefits on the market.

1.5M+ eligible employees
10% enrollment rate
98% group renewal rate
140% three-year growth
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