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Jun 26, 2024

Case Studies: Companies Leading the Way in Pet-Friendly Benefits

Being a pet parent is a profound way of life, bringing immense joy and companionship. Employers now recognize this bond and have integrated pet care into their company culture.

About 70% of U.S. households own pets, and over half of employees prioritize pet benefits at work. Companies offering pet-friendly perks see impressive results, including higher employee satisfaction and improved retention rates. Integrating pet care into benefits packages fosters a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

This case study discusses companies leading in pet benefits, showing how prioritizing pet care enhances workplace culture and boosts employee loyalty and attraction.

7 Companies Leading the Way in Pet-Friendly Benefits

These top companies understand the value their employees place on their furry friends and offer benefits to support their needs. Their dedication to the well-being of both employees and their pets is truly remarkable.

Pet Benefit Solutions

Pet Benefit Solutions is the only voluntary benefits provider specializing in both pet insurance and pet insurance alternatives. They lead the pack through unrivaled choice, innovative and inclusive pet plans, and exceptional customer care.

Pet Benefit Solutions offers multiple employee benefit plans, including traditional pet insurance and their one-of-a-kind Total Pet Plan, the pet care bundle that lets pet parents save on everything pets need for one low price. The diversity of options allows employees to choose the best fit for their budget and their pet’s needs.

They boast the highest participation and enrollment rates in the industry, which reflects their value to employees. Employees appreciate the comprehensive coverage and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pets are protected. This contributes significantly to overall job satisfaction.

Offering comprehensive pet benefits has proven to be a strong tool for attracting new talent and retaining existing employees. Employees appreciate the company’s commitment to their well-being and that of their pets, making Pet Benefit Solutions a top choice to add to any benefits package.

For more detailed information, you can visit their website​.


Google is renowned for its pet-friendly policies, especially its accommodation of dogs, known as “Dooglers” (Google dogs). The company fosters a supportive environment for pets and their owners through clear policies and well-designed facilities.

Google’s code of conduct emphasizes that bringing a dog to work is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. The facilities are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of pets while also providing spaces for employees who prefer not to interact with animals.

Establishing clear policies and maintaining respectful boundaries are essential for creating harmony in a diverse workplace. By doing so, Google ensures a positive experience for all employees, whether they bring pets to work or not.

Desert Financial Credit Union

Desert Financial Credit Union supports its employees with comprehensive pet benefits. Their commitment to employee well-being extends to the pets that employees consider part of their families.

Desert Financial Credit Union offers discounts on pet products and services through its member discount club. These benefits help employees manage the costs associated with pet care.

Employees actively utilize the pet benefit offerings, showing high engagement with the programs. This participation reflects the value employees place on these benefits.

Pet benefits play a crucial role in retaining and attracting employees. The company’s dedication to the well-being of its employees and their pets makes it an attractive place to work, leading to higher employee retention rates.


Etsy welcomes dogs in their offices, promoting a sense of community among pet owners. This policy aligns with the brand’s emphasis on creativity and community.

The company organizes pet-related events and offers resources for pet owners. It also has an internal social network where employees can share pet advice, fostering a supportive environment.

Creating a community around shared interests like pet ownership can enhance a supportive work environment and strengthen employee connections.

WillScot Mobile Mini

WillScot Mobile Mini is a leading provider of innovative, flexible workspaces and portable storage solutions. Recognized for its commitment to employee well-being, it offers comprehensive pet benefits to support its pet-owning employees.

The organization’s pet perks include discounts on pet insurance and generous paid time off for pet-related needs. These benefits ensure that employees can afford the best care for their pets without financial strain.

This makes employees feel more valued and supported in their personal lives, which enhances their engagement and loyalty to the company.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is well-known for its relaxed and inclusive office culture, which naturally extends to allowing pets. The company embraces the presence of furry friends, viewing them as sources of happiness and stress relief.

Dogs are an integral part of Ben & Jerry’s office life, and they participate in meetings and office events. This inclusion helps reduce stress and fosters a playful and relaxed work environment.

Incorporating pets into the company culture can significantly boost employee happiness and workplace cohesion. Ben & Jerry’s demonstrates that a pet-friendly policy can contribute to a more enjoyable and connected workplace.


Workiva is a cloud-based software company that provides risk and reporting solutions. They are known for their employee-centric approach, which includes offering pet-friendly benefits.

The company offers up to five weeks of paid annual vacation and a “bring your pet to work” policy in several offices. This flexibility allows employees to balance their work and personal lives and ensures their pets are well cared for.

The high engagement with Workiva’s pet insurance benefits demonstrates their value to employees. Many employees report increased job satisfaction and peace of mind knowing their pets are covered.

Workiva’s pet-friendly policies contribute to a genuine work-life balance. Employees feel supported in their roles as pet owners, which fosters a positive and inclusive workplace culture.


Offering pet-friendly benefits has proven to be a valuable strategy for enhancing workplace culture, improving employee satisfaction, and increasing retention and attraction rates.

Companies like Pet Benefit Solutions, WillScot Mobile Mini, Workiva, Desert Financial Credit Union, Google, Etsy, and Ben & Jerry’s are leading the way in this area. They recognize the importance of pets in their employees’ lives and have implemented innovative plans to support pet owners.

These companies have demonstrated that integrating pet benefits fosters a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Employees feel more connected and valued, knowing their pets are welcome and cared for. This positive impact on workplace culture translates to higher job satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready to start integrating pet-friendly benefits into your employee rewards package? Check out the amazing options Pet Benefit Solutions has to offer and request a proposal today.

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